SentrySafe – Fire & Waterproof Safes – STW123GDC

SENTRYSAFE The Best-Selling Safe Brand In USA


Passed the US 2 hour UL fireproof test
Passed the US 2 hour ETL multimedia storage device fireproof test
Provided waterproof function
Passed the US UL 15 feet high altitude test
5-digit digital password lock + key lock, double lock
Can be fixed to the wall or the ground, built-in storage compartment, key holder and interlocking drawer, LED lighting system


Inside: 34.9 cm H x 31.9 cm W x 30.2 cm D
Outside: 45.3 cm H x 41.5 cm W x 49.1 cm D
Weight: 58.2KG
Capacity: 1.23ft^3(34.83L)


SentrySafe enables people to safeguard the important and irreplaceable. We give people the confidence to know that the valuables entrusted in their care are protected and can endure adverse conditions due to fire, flood or theft. People rely on SentrySafe to help them quickly recover from hardship by ensuring the things that matter most are well protected. Creating peace-of-mind for a lifetime.

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