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The Chubb brand originated in the United Kingdom in 1835 and is the originator of the world’s safe manufacturing industry. In the early 19th century, Chubbsafes safe has been the Royal Warrant of Appointment brand, mainly providing safe series for some banks and financial institutions. After 200 years of history and baptism, the British Chubbsafes has become a professional-grade safe brand, serving the world’s major luxury brands and well-known banking institutions.

The world’s major luxury brand, safe operation selection brand
European Commission global office selection brand
Royal Warrant of Appointment, safe selection brand


Senator offers EN 1143-1 burglary protection and EN 15659, LFS 30P for up to 30 minutes of fire resistance certified to ECB•S standards. The minimalist design is discreet yet effective, providing maximum security without taking up too much space or exceeding your budget.

Product Specification

Models Outside(mm) Inside(mm) Weight(kg)
Height Wide Depth Height Wide Depth
M1 370 500 460 290 404 263 119
M2 500 500 460 420 404 263 146
M3 650 500 460 570 410 263 178
M4 862 655 620 782 558 423 326
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Imported original safes in line with European, American and National standard

In order to prove the quality of the certified product, the product should be accompanied by a certification mark. This certification mark can prove to you that the product has been tested and processed in the environment inspected by the certification body.

Anti-Burglary Certification Mark

Anti-Fire Certification Mark

Product Feature

Dual protection in one safe: certified EN 1143-1, Grade I for burglary protection and EN 15659, LFS 30P for fire protection.

Excellent value for money solution.

Ergonomic handle and attractive dark grey appearance.

Enhanced design with removable door for easy installation and reduced weight.

EN 1300-certified Class A key lock and/or Class B high-security electronic lock.

Range of internal fittings: removable shelf, interior ladder racking.

Choice of 4 sizes ranging from 32 to 190 liters.


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