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The Chubb brand originated in the United Kingdom in 1835 and is the originator of the world’s safe manufacturing industry. In the early 19th century, Chubbsafes safe has been the Royal Warrant of Appointment brand, mainly providing safe series for some banks and financial institutions. After 200 years of history and baptism, the British Chubbsafes has become a professional-grade safe brand, serving the world’s major luxury brands and well-known banking institutions.

The world’s major luxury brand, safe operation selection brand
European Commission global office selection brand
Royal Warrant of Appointment, safe selection brand

CHALLENGER Anti-fire & Burglary Safe

Challenger safe is a medium security range, which has been designed and developed by the Chubbsafes team to provide high attack resistance for cash and valuables.

Product Specification

Models Inside(mm) Outside(mm) Weight(kg)
Height Wide Depth Height Wide Depth
1 680 560 580 500 380 287 341
2 880 620 640 700 440 347 498
3 1080 680 700 900 500 406 653
4 1550 740 930 1370 560 637 1149
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Imported original safes in line with European, American and National standard

In order to prove the quality of the certified product, the product should be accompanied by a certification mark. This certification mark can prove to you that the product has been tested and processed in the environment inspected by the certification body.

Anti-Burglary Certification Mark

Anti-Fire Certification Mark

Product Feature

Safe with drill- and fire-resistance. 90mm walls made of fiber high-strength steel reinforced with New Miltonex N 200 barrier material.

Door has an overall thickness of 140mm and is protected by a keyless combination and a key lock.

The keyless combination lock is listed under UL Group 2, VdS class 2, CEN B, A2P B.

The key lock is an eight-lever, double-bitted, non-key retaining key lock.

Each lock is protected by advanced drill resistant plates, anti-drive feature and secondary relocking system.

Tested in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS S1037 for 60 minutes fire-resistance.

The safe comes with a standard internal steel shelf, adjustable at intervals to suit individual customer requirements. Internal drawers are also made of steel and are individually secured by a key lock with keys in duplicate.

In order to protect against potential corrosion, all Chubbsafes Challenger models are subjected to a multi-stage anti-rust cleaning and degreasing process, prior to epoxy priming and high-quality polyurethane top coat finishing. This ensures that the products not only provide high grade security but also a top class appearance.

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