Shinjin – VOGO*S – VGS-800

A luxury safe in the style of Northern Europe

The 12T steel round body is a thing of beauty
A luxury safe made complete with the world-renowned UL-certified electronic lock and chrome finish steel tri-spoke handle.

World-class safety


* Products need to be ordered, it takes about 60 days



VOGO* S offers a wide range to choose from
The safe to enhance any home or office space.

The shape of VOGO* S

A beautiful safe that has been made complete with 100% steel
A medley of strength, security and elegance

South Korea’s traditional safe

Shinjin Safes’ products make up over 60% of the safes
in South Korea’s main national banks,
and boast an impeccable, accident-free history
since the establishment of the company 70 years ago.

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