Safegear – Vault Door – SVD-UL2500

It is a newly developed Vault door, which has security plus fire-resistance.


Grade of Class:  UL Class 1 certificated
Design:  “Modern & Simple”, Ni-Cr coated round handle gives you smooth-touch.
Locking system:  SAFEGEAR uses UL certified dial, Installed 4 re-locking devices interlocked with tempered glass, it is automatically locked in case of external impacts.


Door:  High Strength concrete – Filled door thickness – Class 1(125 mm).
Lock:  Three UL-listed combination dial locks, 1,000,000 code-switchable, protected by re-locking with tempered glass.
Emergency system:  Emergency ventilator – Installed the door, it brings fresh air into the room, Alarm system – Lamp turned on after beep.



UL Class:  Class 1
Overall:  2120 mm H x 1300 mm W x 330 mm D
Door:  1950 mm H x 1000 mm W x 252 mm D
Door opening:  1922 mm H x 914 mm W
Wall opening: 2095 mm H x 1260 mm W
Weight:  1200 KG (Weight before filing, tolerance +/- 5%)



SAFEGEAR’s fire-rated panel achieved 2hrs fire-resistance test report from KICT (Korea institute of construction technology)


Fitting-in type for easy installation.
Able to install on an uneven floor because it is installed on a separate floor base.
Easy working in limited space because it is available for various shapes in addition to the basic units.


External:  SS400 steel plate, high-precision bending type.
Internal:  SS400 high-intensity reinforcement.
Filing:  Fire-rated material + wire net = insulating material

Fire rating test



The true iron wall you can easily have the impregnable iron wall.
UL-Listed SAFEGEAR modular panel is essential to comprise of the secure vault room.
It has UL certification and provides anti-burglary reinforcement against external attacks using impact drilling, oxyacetylene torch, diamond cutting.
This specially designed prefabricate panel can be very easy to install at any places such as banks, basement library, special vault rooms.


UL Class M certificated.
Adoption of specially developed high strength concrete inside of the panel, resulting in improvement anti-burglary function.
Specially designed, prefabricated style makes easy and fast installation at exiting the concrete buildings.

Anti-burglary panel installation

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