Safegear – Hotel Safe – VGR Series – Model-2043

Enhanced Security Gives Guests Peace Of Mind

Model No.:  VGR Model-2043
External Dimension:  200 mm H x 435 mm W x 365 mm D
Packing Dimension:  228 mm H x 448 mm W x 417 mm D
Weight:  13.2KG
Emergency & Management System:  CEU (Computer Emergency Unit)

Product Features:

User-Friendly:  Easy to operate with 4-6 digital guest code, and 6 digital mater code
Flexible Installation:  Various sizes to be fixed at the wall, shelves, or closest with the anchor holes
Quick Manage:  In the face of an emergency, safes can be opened with emergency keys
Accurate Tracking:  All equipped with CEU function, which can be stored up to 100 audit trail records

Partial Clients:



CEU (Computerized Emergency Unit) is known as a handheld decoder for In-room Safes.
It not only set the time and date, but it can also be functioned as an external power supply and Emergency unlock of safes.



The Hotel safes recorded in house guests and hotel staffs’ all operations on a chip inside itself.
These operational messages which are unchangeable in nature can be downloaded from the safes to the CEU by USB connection.



Once CEU has stored all messages, it can be browsed, searched or printed by audit trail software, The hotel management can set limited authority access to certain people to reach a higher security level.

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