CRMCR Intelligent Safe – Million Treasure – SG-80KAF

Professional module
To satisfy the ever-changing collection

Dimensions: 850 mm H x 475 mm W x 450 mm D
Net weight: 123 KG
Lock: Fingerprint electronic carcass
Color: Gold | Silver
Door bolt: 5 steel bolts
Partition: 2 large partitions + 1 small partition

Customization module

  • Automatic watch winding case
  • Jewelry Collection Drawer (Double Layer)
  • Jewelry collection drawer (single layer)
*non-standard components, optional purchase

Product Features

  1. Brushed process and anti-fingerprint stainless steel alloy protective armor
  2. Borderless design, larger door opening angle
  3. Electronically controlled invisible handle
  4. Large-capacity fingerprint lock, can store 19 units, faster collection speed, high recognition rate
  5. Support intelligent remote monitoring alarm system (“Intelligent Control Center”)
  6. Support for interior space customization module
  7. Upgraded linkage mechanism
  8. Reinforced alloy hinge


Go Far, Near Home

“Intelligent Control Center” remote alarm system, safe control by hand

“Intelligent Control Center” remote alarm system,,It is not only a monitoring device, but also an intelligent external terminal for the safe. It is also the control center of a home security system.
“Intelligent Control Center” the network surveillance camera lens and the built-in 433 smart chip of the safe communicate with each other in real time. Each step of the safe operation can be sent to your mobile QQ app via “Intelligent Control Center” equipment, and any abnormal situation will promptly send out an alarm message.
Even if you are not close to the safe, you can detect abnormal motion detection signals early.

As long as your phone has a QQ app, you can easily use “Intelligent Control Center” function.  Open the mobile QQ contact, in my device, click to find the new device, scan the QR code on the “Intelligent Control Center” device, easily bind, and start the smart safe tour.

Synchronize with QQ account, free registration
Compatible with mobile QQ multi-platform, supporting both iOS and Android

Covering overseas data networks, use globally without blind spots
Dangerous alert message, voice calls, strong reminders to avoid missing alert messages


8 functions of safe protection

Motion Detection, Unpredictable prophet, Alerts can occur before a crisis

When the hazard occurs, the traditional safe can’t notify the whom is not there, you can only know that the safe has been stolen.  When you go out, you have to worried about the safety items in the safe.
A safe with a smart system that connects to the wireless Internet via “Intelligent Control Center” equipment for intelligent remote alarms.
Let the alert message can be received immediately no matter where you are.
Let the safety status of the safe be in your hands from this moment, and lift your concerns about the safety of the safe.

  1. Remote alarm                       
  2. Multi-person monitoring
  3. Reminder call
  4. Unlocking prompt message
  5. Travel lock
  6. Low battery prompt reminder
  7. Motion detection
  8. Offline prompt message

*”Intelligent Control Center” is non-standard components, optional purchase

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